What to expect

The entire trip is planned around your preferences,wishes and of course - the weather. That goes for sailing , activities and most certainly your meals. Most of the days we change our location twice a day. The first sail is after breakfast to a day anchorage where we'll have lunch and some water time before sailing to an overnight anchorage.  The longest sail is around 3 hrs (between Antigua and Barbuda) and some could be as short as 1/2 hr  (but we can always make it longer if you wish us to do so).

When it comes to wardrobe all you will be needing are shorts, T shirts , bathing suites and flip flops. The weather is nice and warm all year round down here.

Sample Itinerary

What follows are just an example of a 7 day charter originating and finishing in Jolly Harbor

Arrival day
The Jolly Harbor is just a short cab ride from the airport (about 30 min.). Here you will board s/y Genesis and depending                  
on your arrival time either lunch or snacks will be served accompanied by you choice of beverage. In the afternoon you
will have plenty of time to settle in and get familiar with the boat.

DAY 1_(yellow)             
After breakfast we set sails for approximately 3 hr upwind sail to The North Sound. Sit back and enjoy every changing
scenery of Antigua's coast line while sailing in calm waters protected by the reef. After lunch you can take a walk on Great
Bird Island and check out it's famous blow hole and then cool off while snorkeling on sorrounding reefs.

DAY 2_(orange)
Today we sail to Barbuda south coast.  Nice 3 hr reach sail to Spanish Point where we anchor between many reefs and
enjoy the afternoon swimming and snorkeling.

DAY 3_(green)
Morning sail (about 2 hrs) will take us to the leeward side of Barbuda along the shore that presents the longest beaches
of white and pink sand you have probably seen. The arrangements could be made for afternoon tour to the unique Frigid
bird colony, Barbuda's sinkhole with it's rain forest like feel or to the numerous caves.

DAY 4_(blue)
3 hr sail will take us back to the mainland where we going to visit Antigua's capitol St. John's. Her you will have to visit the
Health center to take a COVID test for your return trip. Testing is done by appointment and well organized. It does not
take too much of your time on the water. While in St. John's you might consider doing some shopping in many downtown
shops. Since there are no cruise ships at the moment you will have it all mostly to yourself.

DAY 5_(purple)
Today we start our clockwise circumnavigation of Antigua. 3 hr sail will take us just south of North Sound which we have
previously. After negotiating the entrance through the reef we anchor in calm waters behind Crump or Pelican Islands.
Snorkeling on numerous reefs and/or visit to the "Sting ray City" sounds like a good plan for the afternoon.

DAY 6_(brown)
Short sail to Nunsuch Bay and Green Island. Enjoy sitting back and watch kiteboarding show, go for a kayak ride around
Green Island . Downwind sail in the afternoon will take us along the south coast. Brief cruise through historical English
Harbor is always a posibility. Last night we spent just north of Jolly Harbor in Hermitage Bay.

DAY 7_(white)
15 min ride will take us back where we started just a week ago. Hopefully your travel schedule will allow for a bit more
relaxation and lunch on board.