Following is a sample menu. The actual menu will be taylored to your taste and preferences.
Breakfast :
O Eggs Mornay with a side of crispy bacon, creamed spinach and warm croissants
O Homemade Pancakes with rum-tossed bananas and a sprinkle of spice
O Fluffy, Puffy Omelets filled with fresh crunchy veggies, Serrano ham and imported cheese
O Spice Island Style French Toast dusted with freshly grated cinnamon, nutmeg and coconut served with warm nutmeg syrup.
Lunch :
O Scallop-stuffed Roasted Red Peppers with fresh Pesto and pasta
O Spicy Grilled Chicken Breast with an orange, mint and red onion salad and hint of cumin
O Refreshing Chilled Prawn, Cream and Cucumber soup with a hint of mint
O Salade Nicoise with our freshly caught tuna - seared and served with country-style bread
O Fresh Pumpkin Soup with buttery Lobster medalions
O Tropical Thai Prawn Salad with mango-garlic dressing and frizzled shallots
O Citrus Ceviche with an avocado and mango salsa
Hors D'Oeuvres :
O Crunchy Crab Filled Egg Rolls
O "Catch of the Day" Sushi Rolls , spicy wasabi-soy sauce and pickled ginger
O Tropical Thai Fish Cakes with cucumber relish
O Mini Baked Potatoes with blue cheese and chives
O Butterfly Prawn Spiedini with chili and raspbery dip
O Stilton - stuffed Mushrooms baked with garlic breadcrumbs
Entrees :
O Filet Mignon with a Stilton Sauce and a side of Potatoes Dauphinois
O Rich and creamy Lobster Thermador says it all
O Seared Tuna Steaks topped with sun-dried tomatoes and caper sauce with a side of pesto rice
O Sliced Duck Breasts with red wine and raspberry sauce with poached pears served over linguine
O Red Lamb Curry served with roasted vegetables and couscous
O Pineapple and Honey Roasted Cornish Hens served with a crazy combination of cabbage, peanuts and pineapple. Believe me. It works.
Desserts :
O Hot and steamy Chocolate Chip and Banana Nut bread with chocolate sauce
O Iced Key Lime Cheesecake
O Passion Fruit Creme Caramels
O Tropical Scented Red and Orange Fruit Salad
O Tiramisu