s/y Genesis
Best vacation on Earth ............
            .........     is not on earth
Mike & Cindy Lewis, October 2008
.....there is no question the islands are beautiful but Petr and Tracy's willingness to share their knowledge of sailing and the area made it much more enjoyable. They both made us feel comfortable and welcome on their beatifull and immaculate vessel. We thoroughly enjoyed sailing. While sailing , Petr and Tracy, very conversational, would let us know what was about to occur and expect. Their willingness to make sure we were comfortable and at easy was very appreciated....
....what was even more amazing was the food. "Cook " seems very inadequate for the meals prepared on board by Tracy. More like a feast for your eyes. But we soon learned, divine to eat as well. We looked forward to every meal in anticipation of the creative masterpiece placed before us! No detail overlooked......
....Petr and Tracy are a wonderful team and delivered an anniversary for us to remember. I would recommend them to anyone.
Mike and Cindy Lewis (Texas)
Diana & Kent McQuahe, February 2009
Our first sailing charter was one of the most delightful weeks in our lives. Yes the Grenadines are lovely; the turquoise seas gorgeous, the palm-treed beaches enchanting, the villages quaint and the people friendly. But to visit such a paradise on the beautifully built and immaculately maintained S/Y Genesis, in the exquisite company of Petr and Tracy Stejskal was divine.
While the wind and sea conditions did not inspire us to spend much time in the water, the weather gave us other benefits. Petr had the opportunity to demonstrate his superb seamanship and to give us exhilarating rides at high speed. His love of sailing shone from his face. And the memories of our time we had to spend with the lovely and vivacious Tracy will live with us for a long time.
The sumptuous cuisine prepared by Tracy was a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. She has acquired a large and varied menu of dishes she excels at cooking and presenting. We ate like royalty!
Petr and Tracy are a great team. There is much to do on a boat and even more with guests. Petr takes the lead on sailing with Tracy as crew, while both Tracy and Petr look after the guests and maintain the habitat. They were always at work seamlessly preparing food, cleaning up after meals, housekeeping the boat and the guest quarters, and catering to our needs and wishes. We were pampered and spoiled, and we are not ashamed to admit w e l i k e d i t.
The only downside to the voyage is that any chance of us ever chartering a different boat has been lost we just could not choose second best.
We wish you, Petr and Tracy, good health, safe passage, and much success in the future.
Your new friends, Diana and Ken (Oregon)
Joe & Felicity Urquhart , December 2008
"When we finally reached Union Island after a wonderful trip through Bequia, Mustique, The Cays, PSV, you reached into the depths of your resources to make our every whim and wish come true, 'bakes included'.
What a professional hard working, sensitive, generous, competent and lovely couple you are. We will not hesitate to recommend the " Genesis " experience. Thank you for giving us such a fantastic holiday and for your delightful company.

Joe & Felicity from England
Jocko & Shelly, August 2009
Petr & Tracy thank you both for a wonderful 25th anniversary. Over the years we have been on lot of vacations & many places, but the past 8 days, have absolutely been the best.
We honestly have to say , that we were not sure of how this week was going to go. "We wouldn't trade it for the world", is our opinion now. As you know this was part of our bucket list .... things to do in our life. Well, you both turned it into a " must do again " part of our lives.
We cannot express how much you both have done for us. From the wonderful service, food, etc.... but most of all - being two great people.
You will definitely be seeing more of us- as we hope to make this an annual event! ............
Jocko & Shelly (Canada)
Terry & Teresa, December 2009
Tracy and Petr - this is probably the best holiday we ever had! The boat is immaculate and we like it that way ... as you do. The food was superb and plentiful ....too plentiful. And last but not least we enjoyed your company. All this set against a backdrop of St. Vincent & the Grenadines - how can it fail to be a wonderful holiday?
Thank you so much for everything. We hoppe to see you again soon.
Terry & Teresa (England)

Sheila & Elizabeth  January 2010
Petr & Tracy - Magical Vacation. Thank you hardly begins to express our gratitude to you. Luxurious + relaxing + comfortable. The last day as awesome as the first day - Amazing. Sharing your perspective on this piece of paradise ... We love the quit, the nature, the boat .... SAILING  - OH YES! FISHING - oh my. The boat is exquisite - so clean all week. We love your sensibility + sensitivity  + timing +++ We return to our lives renewed, restored, revitalized + very pampered.......            Yes - we will be back !
Sheila & Elizabeth  ( Ohio )            
p.s. In January 2013 Sheila and Elizabeth coming to join Genesis for a 3rd time

Michael & John   March 2010
Petr & Tracy , what an amazing adventure! And much needed liming!Your knowledge of the Grenadines, sailing and all the amazing food made for unforgettable  vacation . The food - Tracy I don't know how you create such eclectic dishes in such a small quarters  .......  Thank you for a truly magical experience we will never forget! We WILL be back for another amazing journey!
Michael & John  ( Atlanta , Georgia )

Ray & Celina   May 2010
Dear Petr & Tracy, WOW ! What an I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. VayCay! Our honeymoon was spent with you both on Genesis, relaxing, reading, "liming" eating and drinking.! Poor Ray, your delicious + creative cuisine has raised the bar so high - he is not going to like my cooking   .......   This has been such  a fantastic, fun freaking AWESOME trip!  Thanks so much for tending to us so well ...........
Ray & Celina (USA)

Chris & Christy   July 2010
Dearest Petr and Tracy. What an amazing voyage ... Wondering if we will wake tomorrow and it all be a dream. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for an unforgettable Belated Honeymoon and first anniversary. The accommodations were so comfortable and immaculate, attention to details - just fantastic ...Every single meal was to die for .... We appreciate your expertise in the entire voyage, from suggestions for activities , to the confidence you both havein what you do - it is truly an amazing talent to do what you both do, as good as you do it !!  .........
Chris & Christy (USA)

Pam & Rick  December 2011
Petr & Tracy . Tha last week has been 'fab' and well beyond our expectations. 5 star 1st class treatment that both Pam and I really appreciated. Lots of first for us  - swimming with turtlesand stingrays  - stunning to both of us, catching  a 'cuda' , treating us to conch ... So many delicious meals - Tracy even made a 'sea weed' taste good! Every meal was a new experience and absolutely delightful. The Genesis and it's skipper Petrand first mate Tracy - wow we could not have selected a better combo fo a vacation in the Caribbean .........
Pam & Rick ( Calgary  - Alberta )

Robin & Tom  March 2012
Tracy & Petr, Genesis means new beginning and what a fabulous one it has been for us on our honeymoon! After researching vessels and charters and destinations, trying to ' read between the lines 'of internet advertisements we most definitely found the PERFECT charter vessel, Captain and crew/chef. The exhilarating sailing, the professional handling of Genesis through high winds and huge seas was absolutely thrilling. Delicious meals & snacks - all fresh gourmet delights were an additional bonus ............
Robin & Tom ( North Carolina )

Tom & Rose      May  2012
Dear Petr + Tracy. It is truly amazing that we only met 8 days ago.Thank you for sharing your home with us. We are enamoured with your "joi de vive" and thrilled that we found some of our own. This amazing journey has been 7 days of discovery, adventure and culinary delight. We have experienced wonderful new sights , sounds and tastes. Every day was magical and unique.You each have wonderfully distinct personalities which are a perfect complement to each other and to your guests ..............
Tom & Rose (USA)